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Anyone can create a more peaceful home enviroment (whether you’re getting divorced or not!) by using 8 simple keys to resolving conflict.

The best part is that you don’t need anyone else’s cooperation—you can resolve conflict all by yourself.

These tips are simple, but not easy. A minute to learn and a lifetime to master.

Ready to get started?

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  1. diana mercer says:

    Here’s the drama report:

    Yesterday I get to the airport in plenty of time because they always search me up and down…I suppose to prove they’re not racially profiling, because chubby middle aged women with midwestern features and a St. John suits are often drug mules and terrorists and must be searched and x-ray’ed.

    I get there and the sky cap tells me….uh, Mrs. Lady, you betta stand in line. Okay.

    In the line, they say all but 2 flights to everywhere are canceled for the day, so unless I’m headed to Baltimore, I should call the 800 number.

    The 800 number is busy the first 5 times I try, so I start calling US Airways, United, Delta….

    Delta has a flight–NONSTOP! in 2 hours, only $300! Run, Toto, Run!

    I do my Wall Street Journal interview from the Delta lounge courtesy of my Amex Platinum card, and all is well with the world. We’re boarding, and on the tarmac, being de-iced….then I notice the plane is rapidly re-icing.

    Then the saddenz pilot comes on the intercom and says we’re being towed back to the gate because there’s ice in the engine.

    I pick up my bag at baggage check and the gate agent gives me a coupon which makes the Hilton Garden Inn room $62 a night. I manage to book the last room.

    I sleep until noon only to be woken by the call from Delta that my 6:40 AM flight on Wednesday has been canceled, and would I mind flying at 12:15 to Minneapolis….

    ……So I put my boot warmers on and pad down to the Hilton living room and get lunch, snuggle into the armchair and now it’s 10 hours later!

    On the shuttle one of the passengers said he’d missed his flight to Florida, and as a result, his spinal cancer surgery. So I decided right then and there I was not going to complain.

    The HGI has actually been a funny little scene because everyone else is stranded too and in a surprisingly jovial mood. The staff is also stuck here, and taking it in stride.

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