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Forrest “Woody” Mosten is a master mediator and, I’m convinced, one of the top mediation trainers in the world.  He is really at his best when he is teaching and training. His passion for both really shine through.

Woody casts a wide net with his mediation training, and he teaches and speaks at conferences all over the world.

In this short tour of his office, he talks about a training he did in Germany for mediators from all over Europe, and all over the world.

I go to a LOT of mediation trainings and conferences, and occasionally I even train mediators myself.  It’s never a dull moment when Woody Mosten is presenting, and he always has challenging and thought provoking ideas. You can check his schedule here: Mosten Mediation.

Speaking of challenging and thought provoking ideas, my other favorite trainer and speaker is Robert Benjamin.

I get a lot of requests for “what’s the best training?”  If you’re in Los Angeles, here’s what I suggest:

40 Hour Mediation Courses

Forrest “Woody” Mosten’s course is the gold standard.  But it’s not cheap ($1500).  But I’ve been to mediation courses all over the country and his is the best.

His Study Groups are excellent.  They meet about once a month and cost $75 (CEU credit is given).   I attend myself when I’m available. Highly recommended.

Loyola Law School offers a mediation training course for $675.  I have not taken it but it’s taught by Mary Culbert, a very experienced teacher and mediator.

Lee Jay Berman offers training through his American Institute of Mediation. I suspect his classes are very good—he has certainly been at it long enough.

Pepperdine offers a range of highly regarded classes:   The conferences aren’t a 40 hour training, but I suspect that you’d learn enough to be able to get started mediating.

There’s also a certificate program at Cal State Northridge:  I haven’t heard of anyone who’s been through it, but I’d be curious to see what they’re up to.

Peace Talks has a 25 hour course on DVD (condensed from a 40 hour course).  It’s great for what it is, and I’m the teacher, but given that we’re in Los Angeles, you really ought to get an in person training so you can get the hands-on experience. It would be different if you were in some remote rural area that offered no training.

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