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Project Vic: This is yet another in an ongoing series of videos where I blog about my attempts to rebuild my relationship with my 82 year old father.  As a mediator, isn’t it important that I walk my talk?  It’s one thing to be a calm, rational mediator when you’re with clients trying to resolve  a problem that doesn’t involved you, and quite another to apply those skills at home with your own family.

I’m going to update Project Vic as long as the videos last. This one is from early December 2010,  right after the big Thanksgiving blow up, and before I saw my dad January 27-30, 2011 for his wedding and my book signing.  Stay tuned, as he was a guest blogger!  AND, things got a lot more interesting!  I’ll post his take on the situation soon.

Truth really IS stranger than fiction.

So stay tuned, and wish me luck!

I really love being a lawyer now that I don’t practice traditional law anymore (just mediation).  I love my work as a mediator, and I love our clients. They work so hard to do the right thing.

This is contrasted by the efforts of my colleagues  (other lawyers).  I spend a LOT of my time protecting my clients from my colleagues.  And my dad is no exception.

So I find out his beloved estate planning lawyer has made yet another mistake on his trust.  I am not an estate planning lawyer, so I did some research and found the answers his attorney missed.


But my dad loves this attorney. There is nothing I can say that will influence the lawyer’s Svengali-like hold on my dad.  And I just end up looking like the greedy kid trying to get in the way.

Any ideas? Has anybody out there been able to handle a situation like this in a productive way?  I send my dad the information, he doesn’t read it.  His lawyer works part time, so nobody can ever get ahold of the lawyer. Time is of the essence–this wedding is supposed to happen in 6 weeks! But the lawyer isn’t returning calls and doesn’t seem to know how to use e-mail.  Impossible!

So frustrating.  But there’s nothing like a little Dinah’s Fried Chicken coffee shop food and a serving of their $3.95 a glass wine. If that won’t get you through a rough day, nothing will. I swear I am going to start dotting the “i” in my name with a chicken leg, just like in the Dinah’s logo.

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