Feb 2012 13

How do I interview a mediator?

  • So you’ve identified a mediator you’d like to meet. What questions do you ask? What credentials are you looking for?
  • It’s really important to ask what percentage of his or her practice is mediation.  Mediation is a really specific skill, and it takes practice to get really good at it, just like everything else.  If mediation is only a small percentage of that person’s practice, he or she might not be seasoned enough to be effective.
  • Ask “what’s your style of mediation?”  some mediators talk about legal information, and others don’t.  Some mediators will make suggestions, and others won’t. So ask.
  • Make sure the mediator has experience in what’s important to you.  If you have a small business, has the mediator worked with small business owners before?  If you have a complicated child custody situation, what kind of experience does the mediator have with parenting plans?

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