Jan 2011 27


Watch it unfold….

Jan 2011 25

The Fox 59 Morning Show was so professional! They were amazing.

Better still, for those of us who grew up in Indianapolis, they’re the station that took over Channel 4, the independent station I grew up watching. Channel 4 had the best cartoons, Popeye and Janie, Cowboy Bob, and Sammy Terry, the Saturday night horror movie show host!

The studio was full of old photos–what a trip back in time!

Check out my visit……………

Jan 2011 22

Nothing like forgetting your TV outfit at home to make you nervous!

Yep–in an effort not to wrinkle my suit before shoving it into a suitcase I left it all steam pressed and neat…hanging in the closet in Los Angeles.

Mad props to the sales lady at Saks in Indianapolis for helping me pick out an outfit on Sunday 20 minutes before closing time!

See more……………..

Indy Style 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul9w9Xt_uIo Embed
Jan 2011 19

In the green room at WISH TV 8 in my hometown, Indianapolis!

And the Colts Cheerleader was super nice to me!

Go Colts!

Join me as I bite my fingernails.

Jan 2011 16

Am I dressed okay? This place is pretty fancy.

BTW, meeting in person with your editor and publicist is very, very important. They may try and discourage you from doing it, since you’re going to be traveling on your own dime (see the earlier post about the Carlton Arms Hotel!) but insist.

That face-to-face contact and personal touch is crucial.

I convinced them to let me come and talk to them since I was coming for a business meeting anyway. That was true at the time. But the Perigee meeting went so well, my friend and I skipped the business meeting (we were just attendees in an audience, it’s not like we were the keynote speakers or anything) and went to Coney Island and rode the Wonder Wheel instead!

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