Jan 2011 03

It really is that close.

See what happens when two exhausted writers tackle the last couple of pages……

Jan 2011 01

A service business is, well, a……service business.

But how to do it well? Linda Duarte explains……

Dec 2010 29

We finished Chapter 5! Poor much maligned chapter 5! The Cinderella of the book….finished! Perfect! We found our voice!

Watch the celebration!

Dec 2010 26

Chris Malburg, writer and managing editor of the Writers’ Resource Group, talks about the top 10 mistakes that writers make when approaching agents.

You heard it here first!

Chris Malburg’s 10 Tips

Dec 2010 24

The Odyssey begins, of all places, in Beech Grove, Indiana.

The authors give their first in a series of talks about and mediation at the Indiana Association of Mediators’ Annual Conference.

Share in the red carpet glamour!

Indiana Association of Mediators