Feb 2011 12

Not everyone is familiar with the mediation process. And after a stressful period of time as your marriage falls apart, and trust is probably as low as it ever has been or will be, some callers are concerned that their rights won’t be protected in mediation and that the mediators will let their spouse bulldoze or bamboozle them.

It’s the mediator’s job to make sure that doesn’t happen. Mediator training specifically addresses how to deal with this sort of situation. So try not to worry!

Guest blogger Linda Duarte explains…….

Feb 2011 09

Your car GPS takes you to the address you set it to. The same thing is true about your attitude and intentions.

Don’t believe me? It’s easier than you think!

And it’s not about being perfect. It’s about getting started, trying it out, and doing it better and better every day.

Here’s how……………………….

Feb 2011 06

This simple gratitude exercise, practiced as often as you remember to do it, will make your outlook brighter and more optimistic.

Okay, I know it’s not easy to be grateful for much of anything when you’re getting divorce, especially when things aren’t going well.

But this simple exercise will make you feel better. Right away, believe it or not. I promise!

Plus it’s based on really interesting research from Stanford University, conducted by Dr. Fred Luskin. So this is not airy fairy BS. It really works.

Feb 2011 03

Guest blogger Linda Duarte talks about how she stumbled into a career in mediation and why she’s hooked.


Jan 2011 30

Anyone can create a more peaceful home enviroment (whether you’re getting divorced or not!) by using 8 simple keys to resolving conflict.

The best part is that you don’t need anyone else’s cooperation—you can resolve conflict all by yourself.

These tips are simple, but not easy. A minute to learn and a lifetime to master.

Ready to get started?

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