Jan 2011 16

Am I dressed okay? This place is pretty fancy.

BTW, meeting in person with your editor and publicist is very, very important. They may try and discourage you from doing it, since you’re going to be traveling on your own dime (see the earlier post about the Carlton Arms Hotel!) but insist.

That face-to-face contact and personal touch is crucial.

I convinced them to let me come and talk to them since I was coming for a business meeting anyway. That was true at the time. But the Perigee meeting went so well, my friend and I skipped the business meeting (we were just attendees in an audience, it’s not like we were the keynote speakers or anything) and went to Coney Island and rode the Wonder Wheel instead!

Jan 2011 14

I’m finally here!

I’m so excited!

I’m going to meet with John Duff, our editor, and Angela Januzzi, our publicist!

Don’t tell them I threw up just before I got in the cab, okay?

Jan 2010 15

I was expecting a brownstone!

Check it out!