Feb 2011 03

Guest blogger Linda Duarte talks about how she stumbled into a career in mediation and why she’s hooked.


Jan 2011 30

Anyone can create a more peaceful home enviroment (whether you’re getting divorced or not!) by using 8 simple keys to resolving conflict.

The best part is that you don’t need anyone else’s cooperation—you can resolve conflict all by yourself.

These tips are simple, but not easy. A minute to learn and a lifetime to master.

Ready to get started?

Jan 2011 07

Sooner or later, you’re going to have a difficult conversation.

Here’s how to make it go as smoothly as possible………

Jan 2011 01

A service business is, well, a……service business.

But how to do it well? Linda Duarte explains……

Dec 2010 11

Life’s all about tiny victories.

During the middle of a difficult visit to see my parents, I finally managed to say to my dad, “You know, you’ve been raising a lot of concerns about various stuff while I’ve been here, but somehow I have a feeling that you haven’t told me what you’re truly concerned about.”

Which opened the floodgate. Watch the video to hear what happened.

I’m going to post updates about once a week (with a hiatus for Christmas) about my own struggle to walk my talk as I mediate my own relationship with my father, Vic Mercer. We’ve had a difficult relationship since I was 15 years old, so now that my mother, the peacemaker in the family, has passed away, if I’m really the mediator I think I am it’s time to step up and mend this as best I can.

Wish me luck! I’ll keep you updated–and not just with the stuff that goes well. I promise.

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